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Philip Saunders, the teacher of Yi Jianlian


Beijing time February 16th, according to the United States today, the Losangeles Lakers challenge the Minnesota Timberwolves today. This is a regular regular season, but it is not common for the Timberwolves at home. The Timberwolves today commemorated the team's merit coach and former Yi Jianlian mentor Philip Saunders.
Before the start of today's game, a flag was raised in the center target center of the Timberwolves, and on the bottom of the light, a basketball was printed in the middle, with four letters on it: "FLIP (Philip)". Obviously, this is a banner to commemorate the Lord Philip Saunders, a banner that will hang permanently.
Saunders is a famous NBA coach who has taught the three teams of the Timberwolves, the Detroit pistons and the Washington Wizards at NBA, of which both the Timberwolves and the pistons have led the team to the final. In 2006, he was also the director of the Eastern Star team.
Saunders's main honors are from the forest wolf. He has strong power foundation in the forest wolf, and has good relationship with the management team. He died in 2015 due to invalid treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma. He was 60 years old.
In addition to hanging permanent flags, commemorative coins will be given to fans, and the players of the Timberwolves will be wearing commemorative shoes, specially made by the artist Kickstradomis. Kickstradomis has made shoes for Carle, Anthony and Downes before.
After playing the game, all shoes and jerseys of both teams will be auctioned, and all proceeds will be used for the Philip Saunders Heritage Fund.
Saunders's son Ryan Saunders has been absorbed by Timberwolves and has become an assistant coach of the team. Kickstradomis also designed a shoe for him.
"Minnesota has always been our home. Philip has passion for Timberwolves and has always been very passionate about basketball in Minnesota. We are very grateful to the wolves. It keeps Philip's memory in the way of the target center in such a way. Saunders's widow, Debbie Saunders, said.
Saunders's teaching features are good at attacking, good at using smart veteran and college players, not good at dealing with the stabs, not good at training young players (but with the excellent relationship with Garnett). Saunders didn't set up the core of John Walter when he was a wizard. He didn't know Wiggins's position in the later period when he taught the Timberwolves.
When Saunders taught the wizards, the Chinese player Yi Jianlian was also in the team. Although Saunders was cold to the league, he was also one of the teachers of the United Arab League. After Saunders's death, he also expressed his mourning for the first time.